Baby Luxe!

Baby Luxe! - Havre de Luxe
In Celebration of the arrival of our lovely graphic designer Olivia's beautiful baby boy we thought we'd put together a few of our favourite mini luxe finds.
Because, what's cuter than a baby Gucci bib or mini Dior sneakers and it's never too early to share a bit of luxe!

1. Burberry Check Merino Wool Thomas Bear

2. Gucci Changing Bags

3.Gucci Children's & Babies Shoes

4. Gucci Children's GG Pattern Wool Hat

5. Dior Newborn Gifts

6. Dior Grey Cashmere Knit Slippers

7. Fendi Cashmere Baby Blanket

8. Fendi Baby Sweatshirt

9. Cartier Baby Bunny Sterling Silver Tumbler

10. Selfridges Baby Hamper

Plus, the perfect treat for new mums;

Motherhood Aromatherapy Candle Gift Set



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