It's time to restore your handbags!

It's time to restore your handbags!


Are you a fan of pre-loved?

With the MANY yearly price increases, I have always been a huge advocate of pre-loved handbags and as long as you purchase from reputable sources there can be some incredible savings to be had!

However, it does mean that the bag may have some scuffed corners & scratches. It's for this reason I developed our Restore Pens!

I bought a lambskin Chanel Classic Flap, the corners were all worn and definitely in need of some TLC. I used our black Restoring Pen and I could not believe the difference..!


Image of before and after Chanel Classic Flap


Literally, within two coats of our Restore Pen, my pre-loved purchase was back to looking it's best again!

I saved thousands on this handbag!

✨ Here are the exact steps I took to achieve the above results 
Gentle foam cleanser and mitt

1. I cleansed with our Gentle Foam Cleanser, my favourite way to do this is by using our Application Mitts. Allow to dry for 4-6 hours.  

2. Using our Restore Pens is incredibly easy, all you have to do is twist the top until a little formula appears - our restore pens are highly pigmented so only a little bit of formula is needed!

3. Apply the soft tip directly to the scuffs & scratches, I like to use a mixture of blotting and gently sweeping the pen over the marks.

4. Blend the restore pen out, it's helpful to have a clean cloth or sponge to hand  to help with this.

5. Allow to dry for a minimum of 6 hours.

Water and Stain Guard

6. I will always protect my accessories after cleansing with our Water & Stain Guard, you can apply a very light coating on top of the Restore Pen and this will help to seal / protect. Allow this to dry for a minimum of 4 hours. 

7. Lastly I popped a couple of Deodorizing capsules inside to eliminate any musty odours... my Chanel was smelling BETTER than new!

Your bag is now restored & ready to use!

Knowing how incredible our pens are, it gave me the confidence to purchase more pre-loved handbags to restore them to their former glory!


Image of before and after


 We've now sold tens of thousands of our restore pens and it makes me so happy that our customers can revive their handbags from the comfort of their own home!


Breaks my heart but you cannot baby your bags forever. Customer image of before and after



After a year of success with our Black Restore Pens, I bought a Damier Ebene Neverfull that needed some TLC and wanted to launch our Restore pens in two new colours... Damier Ebene & Rose Poudre...



 All of our Restore Pens are:

✨ Exclusive to us

✨ Colour matched by our master leather artisan

✨ Quick & easy to use

✨ Designed for your luxury handbags


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