Kim Kardashians Insane Birkin Collection

Kim Kardashians Insane Birkin Collection - Havre de Luxe

The Kardashian bag collection we’re krazy for (get it?)

Love her or loathe her, there is one thing no one can deny; Kim Kardashian knows her stuff when it comes to designer handbags, and has a collection that is to die for.  She’s even rumoured to have an exclusive ‘handbag room’ dedicated to her designer bags in her house. Goals, right? 

Her collection includes designs from Louis Vuitton to Valentino and everything in between. A girl after our own heart, Kim is a huge fan of the Hermes Birkin and is thought to own over 30.  Yes, that’s right, 3 - 0.   If you think that’s impressive, Victoria Beckham reportedly has a collection of over 100 Birkins, estimated to be worth over £1.4 million, and Singaporean socialite and entrepreneur Jamie Chua is considered to have the world's largest Birkin collection with over 200 bags.

It’s not just Kim that loves the Birkin, her sisters Kylie and Khloe have also shared glimpses of their collections on social media, too, while Khloe recently sharing a picture of her daughter, True Thompson, sitting amidst a sea of Birkin handbags. However, it’s thought that Kim has the largest collection of Birkin bags of her entire family, with her closet including Hermès Birkins in almost every size, leather and finish on the market.

Which Birkins does Kim own?

Himalayan Birkin

Kim has been spotted with an extremely rare Himalayan Birkin in the past. The rarest form of Birkin on the market, Himalayan Birkins are made from white crocodile leather, and usually retail for over £75,000.

Custom Birkin

In 2013, Kims then-fiancé Kanye West gifted her a Birkin 40 handbag with custom artwork by contemporary artist George Condo, who also painted the cover of West's 2010 album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.  And, who could forget the time West gifted his wife an Hermès Herbag (basically a canvas equivalent of the Birkin) hand-painted by her daughter, North West?

Let’s not forget about Stormi…

It looks like a younger member of the family may give Kim a run for her money in the style stakes in the future, with her niece Stormi (Kylies daughter) being pictured carrying a micro Hermès Kelly handbag.  Us, jealous of a three-year-old? Never!

If you’re lucky enough to own a Birkin (a girl can dream) take a look at our Leather care products & hardware protectors to keep it looking in pristine condition.  


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